About Tamer Lorika


My real name is Tamer. Good thing nothing is real, right? My pronouns are he/him/his.

I love Jow Ga kung fu training, fanfiction, and baking, and my scrambled eggs are legendary.

My novels are not a good way of paying the bills. They’re a great way to keep me calm enough to pay the bills.

I use too much internet slang, usually wrong, and am too affected by a combination of cold and caffeine.

I want to make queer novels mainstream. I also want to write explicit sex scenes. Sometimes, these interests clash. On fun occasions, they don’t. If you have any suggestions of fun LGBT novels, I’d love to see them, especially those in the fantasy genre. Dragons are cool.

If you’re very good, or very interesting, I’ll read your tea leaves. I might even tell you what they actually say.


2 thoughts on “About Tamer Lorika

  1. Hi Tamer! I read a lot of Erotica, and a couple of my favorite GLBT authors are S.J. Frost, and Tymber Dalton (not really GLBT). Also, Sierra Cartwright writes good BDSM novels. Have you read any of their books?

    1. I’ve heard of Cartwright but I’m not familiar with the others–I’ll check them out! I wanted new things to read. Thanks so much!

      My current favorite is Mary Calmes. I’ll read literally anything with her name on it.

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