Current Projects

Here are some of my ongoing projects. For major finished works, click on the titles at the top of the page.

Night Bus

  • Genre: Urban Fantasy, M/M Erotic Romance
  • Blurb:Denmark McKee, assistant manager of the LimoCity bus service branch in Washington, DC, may care a little too much. At least, that’s what it feels like when he’s driving home in the snow and sleet at 1 am because he stopped to check if there were any stragglers left on his midnight pick-up. Michal Odessa, on the other hand, just thinks he’s a saint. Denmark rescuing him from walking home in subzero temperatures without a proper jacket is sort of a natural lead-in to that conclusion.

    However, all the “miracles” these days are coming from Michal–as Denmark’s feelings for his regular passenger grow, so do the mysteries that surround his nightly activities. But a stock-broker couldn’t possibly be involved in anything much more sinister or surreal than embezzling or something, right?

    Except, Michal needs Denmark now, needs his strength and his silence and his bus, because this is the witching hour in the hub of America’s soul and Michal is lost, scared…and playing with forces far beyond his control. 

  • Status: Nanowrimo Winner! But still finishing the roughs.

Mathematics of Chaos

  • Genre: High Fantasy, Faerie Tale Remake, Hard F/F
  • Blurb: For Atalanta, human beings are pure chaos. There is no equation, no explanation, no single variable that could make a soul make sense. Until Baixiong. From the moment Baixiong’s arms wrapped around her in (unnecessary) rescue, Atalanta understood that Baixiong was an equation that Atalanta is sure she can solve. But Baixiong is under a curse that means she is more beast than human, and she is running out to time to ever change that. So she and Atalanta will undertake a stunning quest to prove they deserve a happy ending. But can Baixiong trust Atalanta to love her, even when she knows she is nothing more than an animal? Can Atalanta be the one thing that saves her from being the monster she has always feared? 
  • Status: Rough Draft
Pro Domine Mori
  • Genre: Political Thriller, Hard M/M
  • Blurb: Bell has only ever been a solider, not because he believes in a cause, but because he wants a place to have his violent nature condoned. When incarcerated after a horrific loss, he meets Gustav D’Adelle, who calmly explains that Bell now belongs to him and will be his bodyguard, no arguments allowed. Bell is forced into a relationship with young, conceited Gustav, keeping him safe in a cutthroat political election in which Gustav believes himself invincible. Only Bell’s payment – “flesh for flesh” – keeps him returning to protect Gustav’s sorry arse. Soon, though, Gustav finds himself having to confront the fact that he is certainly not infallible, and Bell pays the consequences with his body – and heart.
  • Status: Edits are finished, but who on earth is going to publish this? I’m on rejection letter number four.

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