Pro Domino Mori, Chapter Two

Now available on Medium!

Chapter Two – Bell discovers what his duties as Gustav’s body servant entail.


Other Words for Human

For those who don’t follow me on social media (and, really, you should, I’m hilarious) I have a new free serial out on Panel&Frame, one of the most interesting and unique media magazines for emerging voices.

Other Words for Human, which updates monthly, is a story that tackles the human concept of gender from the eyes of sapient creatures who are decidedly Not Human. When  Kyrokh, a transgender man who translates for the Great Khan of Nazva, meets the dragon race the Long on the central steppe, his quest for coming to terms with his own identity becomes even more complicated.

It’s hard fantasy with a lot to love, so head on over and give it a chance.

Chapter One is Here

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Pro Domino Mori – Now Free

After four years of writing and another two of agonizing and sitting on it, I’ve made the decision to post Pro Domino Mori as a serial on Medium.


It will update once a week or so, and updates can be found by following this blog, or by following me on Medium.

The summary is as follows:

Gustav D’Adelle, a young political upstart, purchases a slave named Bell with the intention of paying with stability and sex to ensure his loyalty as Gustav’s new bodyguard. What follows is a political intrigue of explosive savagery as Gustav and Bell clash with the dramatic political underpinnings of the city–and their mutual and violent attraction to each other.

NSFW and definitely on a more dark end of the spectrum, so please do keep that in mind.


Its the day before the release of “And We Will Live Happily”! And, as such, I’m instituting a bit of a contest to win one free copy of “And We Will Live Happily”

All you have to do is comment below and tell me — what’s the best present you’ve ever given someone else? How did they react? One comment = One entry. If I get lots of participation, maybe I’ll even add more than one winner?
Ends tomorrow, November 22, at 11:59 pm PST.

Want other ways to enter? Links are below: Comment at my facebook page, follow this wordpress blog, or reblog this to your tumblr. I will get a notification if you do any of these, and you’ll be entered once more into the contest.

Sound like fun? Let’s go!

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Obviously, I do not own Vin Deisel and Johnny Depp these pictures, but the rest is stock backgrounds, etc. On the left is Gustav, the right is Bell. Just so you know.

:D I like technology. More to come. I hope.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I have more.

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