Pro Domino Mori, Chapter Two

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Chapter Two – Bell discovers what his duties as Gustav’s body servant entail.


So… now I know how to use…

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Feel free to copy-pasta onto any website. Advertise for me! Is there something I can do to make it easier? /fails at technology. The pics aren't mine, though...

Obviously, I do not own Vin Deisel and Johnny Depp these pictures, but the rest is stock backgrounds, etc. On the left is Gustav, the right is Bell. Just so you know.

:D I like technology. More to come. I hope.

EDIT: Oh yeah, I have more.

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More badly-done photoediting, courtesy of moi.Alternate Cover - MiyokoookamiAlternate Cover - MiyokoookamiAlternate Cover - GollyzillaAlternate Cover - Daughter of the Dawn