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An aggregate of some free short stories for you guys to enjoy!

Making of the Fish Women – F/F, rated M

A short piece to accompany a poem I wrote; basically the response to a teacher who once hated fantasy novels, lesbians, mermaids, and blood.

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New Short! And More…

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Hi all! Long time, no chat. You can understand, things are busy–I recently made a move to the Czech Republic, for one…

But the hiatus is over now, because I have a brand new story for you all! It’s available through Dreamspinner Press, as a single short or as a huge anthology with many amazing authors, such as Ariel Tachna and Kim Fielding!

Check out the blurb below, and try a sample here!

Adrian Delgado’s time in the Peace Corps has been rewarding, but with Christmas around the corner, he is starting to get homesick. Life in Mongolia is very different from Texas, from the holiday celebrations to… dating. Take his coworker Batbayar, for instance—they’ve slept together several times and spend most time outside of work in each other’s houses. But are they “together,” or friends with benefits? Maybe a Mongolian Christmas and a sheep’s head in the bathtub can lead to the answer.

In other news, I have a treat for you all–there will be some free fiction appearing here in a few weeks. Please keep an eye out as I do some major renovations!


And We Will Live Happily – Fan Art!



Who is getting excited about the release of And We Will Live Happily? Its my latest short story, about family Christmases and what it means to forge your own family. 

Thanks to Anton Pleshakov for the amazing fanart/unofficial cover art. I’m so excited about the way Natalie, Maura, and baby Camilla look. 

No release date yet, but look for it some time in December — just in time for a holiday present, amirite? 


New Short Story — Out In Time For the Holidays!

I know I’m utterly atrocious at updating this, but I’d like to wave hello to anyone following my blog, and let you know about some exciting things.

First of all — anyone who hasn’t heard yet, guess what? I’m terrible at Latin. I wanted anyone who cared to know — Pro Domine Mori, my favorite story about rough gays, has had an official title change, to Pro DOMINO Mori. Because apparently Latin cases are different from the way I was thinking about them, and you can’t believe everything you read in “The Eagle” fandom. BRILLIANT :) Thanks to Brooke Maake for setting the record straight. 

But that holds a back seat to some even better news — I have a new book coming out, this December. Everyone, please get excited for And We Will Live Happily.


Art (C) Anton Pleshakov. Yes, he did fanart for me!


I don’t know how much I can give away yet, but its a short, light Lesbian Holiday story, and will be available in eBook in December, just in time for the Holidays. I’ll be better about updating (I think) and I’ll let you know about release dates, covers, and a lot more. 


As always, thanks for being a lovely reader.