Pro Domino Mori, Chapter Two

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Chapter Two – Bell discovers what his duties as Gustav’s body servant entail.


New Release – Heat Wave: Washington, DC

It’s that time of year again, and everything around here is hot as hell. Good thing I have a new novella for you to read that’s hot as hell, too! Check out Heat Wave: Washington, DC, releasing August 16, 2015.

Find out how Simone, a whip-smart new politician in the City Council, and Natia, a generous gardener straight from Samoa, navigate the hottest month of the year–and the rising heat between them.
Heat_Wave_Washington_400x600Sneak peak to the cover, and look out for this release from JMS Books  in August!

MANUSCRIPT ACCEPTED – Letters From the Sky

As of November, 2011, my manuscript for Letters From the Sky has been accepted by JMS publishing, in their YA section, QueerTeen.

Here is the official synopsis for LFTS:

Jeanne is now in her eighth year of school, and never has the world seemed more strange. Her little town grows greyer and greyer, and every day the radio tells news of a war that is just far enough away that it does not matter.

What does matter to Jeanne are the immediate things: her friends, her family, and a magical guardian, Jericho, who visits her when she is asleep. Jericho’s love for her, however, seems so perfect as to be impossible, and when Jericho begins to disappear for weeks at a time, Jeanne is not sure that she can believe that Jericho is real, any longer.

Fate, however, has other plans, and soon Jeanne is faced with both the reality of her guardian and the reality of the war, as both make their physical marks on her world.

More updates to come, including cover art. Release date is tentatively for June, 2012. Until then, please get excited. You can read an excerpt from Chapter Three here:


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Obviously, I do not own Vin Deisel and Johnny Depp these pictures, but the rest is stock backgrounds, etc. On the left is Gustav, the right is Bell. Just so you know.

:D I like technology. More to come. I hope.

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